Sharper Software delivers Smart Civil ID Integration to Abyat Megastore.

Al-Sabah Radiology Department launches SharperReminders to remind its patients of their appointments.

Mubarak Al-Kabeer Hospital's Nuclear Medicine Department launches SharperReminders to remind its patients of their appointments.

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Data Sciences

BI Services

Turn meaningless data into information and make informed decisions

27 March 2011 / 11:51 AM

Under the current economic circumstances, an increasing number of CIOs are looking for ways to help their organizations identify weak areas of their business and provide competitive advantage. The demand for Business Intelligence solutions has been increasing exponentially.

Sharper Services provides a low-risk, high-value solution to your Business Intelligence needs.

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Database Migration to SQL Azure Services

Database Migration to SQL Azure Services

10 January 2018 / 10:28 AM

Classically, organizations have been implementing database architectures on-premise in their datacenters. With increased load and usage, organizations are facing increasingly complex operational challenges. They need to make sure their databases are highly available, scalable to meet business needs, secure, reliable, etc.

We help organizations migrate their database infrastructures into the cloud using SQL Azure Databases.By moving to this platform, you gain lots of benefits without compromising your current investments.

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SQL Server Upgrade and Consolidation Services

SQL Server Upgrade & Consolidation Services

19 March 2013 / 7:23 AM

While you are using the current SQL Server platform, Microsoft is constantly adding new features and capabilities, while some older versions of the platform are moving out of support.

We can help you upgrade your current platform to the latest version of SQL Server, while helping you make the most out of the new features and capabilities.

If you are suffering from server sprawl issues, we can assist you in consolidating your SQL Server instances into fewer, more manageable instances, while making the most out of every instance.

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Oracle Migration Services

Oracle to SQL Server Migration

19 October 2012 / 10:45 AM

Standardizing on a reliable, secure and responsive data platform is an ongoing challenge at every organization. Data needs to be stored securely, retrieved as and when needed and whenever called into action, the data needs to be converted into meaningful business terms.

By migrating off Oracle databases onto SQL Server, many organizations have realized more value and saved money in the process.

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DevOps Services

DevOps Implementation

02 June 2011/ 5:08 PM

Organizations that develop in-house software realize how challenging it is to deliver high-performance, reliable and mission-critical software while keeping an eye on time and budget. The more complex an application is, the harder it becomes to organize work between the development team members.

Modern applications require modern methods, processes and tools.

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TFS to Azure DevOps Migration Services

TFS to Azure DevOps Migration

06 January 2018/ 1:11 AM

Many organizations who adopted Team Foundation Server for their DevOps have realized a lot of benefits from implementing TFS. By streamlining application development, testing and operations, these organizations improved the image of Information Systems Department in the eyes of their business units.

By implementing TFS These organizations had to go through the pain of making sure that their TFS implementation is in a "Healthy State". This presented a lot of challenges, but these challenges were taken for granted. Until now.

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