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Fawzia Sultan Healthcare Network


The Fawzia Sultan Healthcare Network (FSHN) is a leading, private, non-profit rehabilitation institute in Kuwait city. It was founded in 2006 and has been providing multidisciplinary healthcare services such as family medicine, cardiology, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy and psychological services in a research and education setting.

FSHN comprises several different departments and units, including:

  1. Osra clinic, offering family medicine, heart health, preventative medicine and nutrition services
  2. The physiotherapy clinic, offering physiotherapy and occupational therapy services
  3. The mental health and wellness clinic, offering psychology and counseling services
  4. The speech therapy department, offering speech and language therapy services
  5. The children’s evaluation and rehabilitation center, offering specialized interdisciplinary treatment and care for children with disabilities
  6. The neurorehabilitation and elderly care unit, offering integrated care and treatment for seniors and individuals with neurological conditions
  7. The research and education department, spearheading a large number of professional development, continuing education and clinical research programs

Business Needs & Challenges

Fawzia Sultan Healthcare Network uses its own system to run clinic operations. This system requires the registration of patient details and requires many fields, including but not limited to Name of Patient in English, Date of Birth, Gender, Nationality, Area of residence, etc.

The patient registration process is a time-consuming operation. Patients want to be treated as soon as possible and this process was taking a long time. In order to make the process faster, receptionists at the clinics would compromise the quality of the data by ignoring some of the details. This process is also error-prone. Lots of patient records had incorrect or missing details.

Characteristics of a viable solution

A viable solution should have the following capabilities:

  1. Ability to use a patient's Smart Civil ID for registration.
  2. Ability to read patient's data from the Smart Civil ID and populate the related fields in the system automatically, with little-to-no interaction from the receptionists.
  3. Account for fields that require special handling, like the residence area, nationality, etc.


Fawzia Sultan Healthcare Network found that SharperIntegration meets the requirements. The following features make this possible:

  • Using a Smartcard reader, the solution can read data from the Smart Civil ID.
  • The solution runs independently from the clinical system in order not to tamper with any of its operations.
  • The customer chose the Screen Scraping adapter of SharperIntegration. This adapter works by sending keystrokes to the clinical system, resembling a fast-typing clerk. The details of a patient are automatically filled on the screen within a few seconds.
  • Since this information is the official one, the patient cannot claim missing or incorrect details.
  • Time is saved without compromising the quality of patient data.


Shorter Wait Times

Your customers, patients and/or employees will spend less time waiting for you to process their data.

Data Accuracy

Information is guaranteed to be correct and authoritative, as it's provided by the Public Authority for Civil Information.

Data Consistency

Data is consistent across your systems. If a centralized Master Data is used, it is possible to feed it via this solution.