SharperSkills® Azure DevOps Training

Develop Mission-Critical software and exceed business expectations with SharperSkills® Azure DevOps Training

SharperSkills Azure DevOps Training

Learn how to develop mission-critical, reliable and effective software solutions to adapt to the ever-changing business imperatives. Better manage your development projects, collaborate and communicate among teams and perform rigorous testing. This SharperSkills® offering trains your team on how to effectively manage Application Lifecycle Management using Team Foundation Server with a customized training that suits your industry.

This hands-on, no-slides training provides an end-to-end, industry focused case study.

Our perception about Team Foundation Server changed ever since we attended SharperSkills Azure DevOps Training from Sharper Software. Now we know how to make the most out of our investment in DevOps using the cool new features of Azure DevOps.

DevOps Challenges

Software development is a complex, tedious process. Although it would be simpler to manage a software application if only one person is responsible for it, a single-person team requires significantly more time to produce functional software compared to a team of additional resources. The challenge becomes how to effectively manage this team and match the business expectations to functional code.

Software Development Teams in any organization faces many challenges:

  • How can we manage business requirements, when it's a moving target?
  • How can the team understand each other and collaborate effectively?
  • How can we make sure our software meets the expected standards?
  • How can the team contribute to each other's work rather than contradict each other's work?
  • How can we effectively test the software?
  • All this while reducing costs, risks and time-to-market

Microsoft's Visual Studio Team Foundation Server is Microsoft's answer to the above DevOps challenges. Azure DevOps provides a platform to manage business requirements, source code, analysis documents, testing results, builds, project planning and much more.

SharperSkills® Azure DevOps Training Offering

This 5-day, Instructor-led training offering focuses on DevOps challenges and teaches attendees how to use Visual Studio and Team Foundation Server to address these challenges. You'll learn how to connect to Azure DevOps, effectively manage business requirements, distribute tasks between members, collect feedback and deliver mission-critical software.

Item Description
Duration 5 Days
Delivery Mechanism Instructor-led in a classroom with a PC for every attendee.
  • Software Project Managers
  • Software Architects
  • Systems Analysts
  • Developers
  • Testers
  • An understanding of Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC)
  • Experience in writing applications (on any platform)
Technical Level Intermediate to Advanced

What will the attendees learn?

  1. Real-World example:
    1. We will pick a fictitious company that is in the same industry as your organization. This fictitious company will be used as a Case Study for the complete course.
    2. The Case Study company will be studied to understand its data challenges.
  2. Methodology and approach:
    1. Attendees will learn how to understand the business requirements and work on them.
    2. Attendees will use Visual Studio and connect to Azure DevOps to create tasks, bugs, requirements, etc. and follow up on them.
  3. Outline:
    1. Module 1 – Introduction
    2. Module 2 – Understanding the Virtual Server Environment
    3. Module 3 – Building the Right Software
    4. Module 4 – Improving Developer Productivity
    5. Module 5 – Testing with Azure DevOps and Visual Studio
    6. Module 6 – Branching, Merging and Other Advanced Topics
    7. Module 7 – Software Project Management with Azure DevOps


  • Windows Server
  • Visual Studio Enterprise
  • Visual Studio Team Foundation Server

Training Material

Every trainee will get a Welcome Kit that includes:

  • USB Flash Disk including the necessary software and virtual machines used during the training.
  • Full-Color printed training manual.
  • An anonymous Feedback Form to collect personal feedback about the course and the performance of the instructor.
  • An attractive Certificate of Attendance.


Improved Skills

Your team's skills will improve, making them ready to take on new challenges and see them through.

More Practice Less Theory

Practice using the technology rather than going through boring theory. We use no slides, but rather a Virtual Machine.

Find Hidden Gems

Conventional training rarely covers all the features. Find hidden gems in the technology, helping you solve problems.

Problem Solving

Use knowledge you gained from this training to solve real-life business problems with technology.

Reusable Material

Provided Training Material can be used at home or at the office, making it a great reference when you need it.

Check Your Knowledge

At the end of each module, attendees have to answer "Check Your Knowledge" questions to solidify learnings.

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