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As a pioneer in the mobility solutions space, and since its establishment in 2004, One Global has gathered extensive telecom market experience, and knowledge, in Middle East and Africa.

As a result of the company’s expertise in technology, marketing and business, One Global’ outlook focuses on global Over-the-Top (OTT) markets and industries. As a Microsoft Golden Partner, One Global offers state-of-the-art, OTT platforms and solutions and services for its customers that can be customized and are always reliable, scalable and effective.

The recently acquired Payment Service Provider certification, awarded by the Bahrain Central Bank, is further proof of One Global’ role as a leader in the financial mobile sector. The company continues to stay ahead of the game by offering its customers innovative payment solutions that are user-friendly and secure.

Business Needs & Challenges

One Global Trading has a team of IT resources between analysts, developers and testers who work together to deliver custom applications for the mobile market. With the presence of a diverse set of development platforms and technologies (e.g. iOS, Android, Windows, etc.), the Development Team at One Global Trading is clustered into discrete, diverse groups based on the chosen platform, as well as the nature of the application being developed. Whenever tasked with developing a new application, or making modifications to an existing one, the Development Team struggles to find the latest version of the business requirements, the source of truth for the Source Code, and the architecture of the application to be developed.

This hinders the development of applications and prevents One Global Trading from releasing mission-critical solutions to its customers in time and on budget. Furthermore, there is no insight into the development activities, leaving key management decision-makers in the dark in terms of the actual work done and the use of resources.

Characteristics of a viable solution

A viable solution should at least deliver the following:

  1. Manage a portfolio of several projects, including its resources, tasks, plan and deliverables.
  2. Allow project managers to divide work reasonably between team members, track the progress of work in each project and report to stakeholders with minimal effort and time.
  3. Streamline the process of DevOps and allow One Global Trading to release mission-critical software solutions in a shorter timeframe.


One Global Trading selected Sharper Software's DevOps Services, in addition to the SharperSkills Azure DevOps Training in order to establish a culture of DevOps at One Global Trading. Starting as early as the Requirement Gathering stage, up-to and continuously improving Release Management, One Global selected the Agile DevOps Process as the Process Template of Choice.

Development Team Skills Assessment

Sharper Software met with the members of the Development Team and performed one-to-one interviews to arrive at the current skills of the team. Sharper Software delivered a report to One Global Trading's Management, showing the gaps in the required skill-set and the suggested assignment of roles and responsibilities. This approach helped beat the one-resource-per-project challenge.

The Microsoft DevOps Platform

Sharper Software installed and configured Team Foundation Server on a server platform, as well as Visual Studio on every development team member's computer. Development Team member computers were configured to connect to and use Team Foundation Server. This provided the Development Team members with the latest and coolest tools necessary to perform their jobs with high productivity.

SharperSkills® Training

The Development Team attended the SharperSkills® Azure DevOps Hands-On Training to learn how to use Azure DevOps as the DevOps platform. Using a Virtual Machine, the team acquired a practical knowledge of the features and capabilities of Azure DevOps, without the bore, hassle and theoretical approach of traditional training. Now, the One Global Trading team is ready to use Azure DevOps for everyday DevOps.


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