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Harden your Azure Platform against security threats

SQL Server Upgrade and Consolidation Services

Your most valuable digital assets, namely your database, needs to be protected from both internal, as well as external threats. Securing access to the database lowers the impact of a security breach and loss of data. However, this is not enough.

In addition to securing the operating environment of your database server(s), you will also need to configure networking security, privacy of sensitive data, control access to database objects and much more. SQL Server tools make it possible to create one or more policies and apply these policies across one or more databases.

While SQL Server provides high levels of security out-of-the-box, it is imperative to reduce its attack surface, use secure operations and take measures against threats.

Azure Security Technologies Offered by Sharper Software

Microsoft Azure provides a lot of security technologies. Here's a list of technologies offered by Sharper Software:

Technology Capabilities
Azure Key Vault

Azure Key Vault

  • Use Azure Key Vault to encrypt keys and small secrets like passwords that use keys stored in hardware security modules (HSMs).
  • Microsoft does not see or extract your keys.
  • Monitor and audit your key use with Azure logging.
Managed Identities

Azure Managed Identities

  • While Azure Key Vault provides a way to securely store credentials, secrets, and other keys, but your code has to authenticate to Key Vault to retrieve them.
  • Provides Azure services with an automatically managed identity in Azure AD. You can use the identity to authenticate to any service that supports Azure AD authentication, including Key Vault, without any credentials in your code.
Azure ID Protection

Azure Identity Protection

  • Automate the detection and remediation of identity-based risks.
  • Investigate risks using data in the portal.
  • Export risk detection data to third-party utilities for further analysis.
Azure Identity Governance

Azure Identity Governance

  • Govern the identity lifecycle.
  • Govern access lifecycle.
  • Secure privileged access for administration.
Azure Conditional Access

Azure Conditional Access

  • Utilize identity signals from user traffic as part of your access control decisions.
  • Bring signals together to make decisions, and enforce organizational policies.
  • Require multi-factor authentication for users with administrative roles or any other role.
  • Require device to be marked as compliant.
  • Require approved client application.
  • Block unwanted or unplanned access.
Azure Sentinel

Azure Sentinel

  • See and stop threats before they cause harm.
  • Make your threat detection and response smarter and faster with artificial intelligence (AI).
  • Eliminate security infrastructure setup and maintenance.
  • Elastically scale to meet your security needs
  • While reducing IT costs.


Mission-Critical Performance

In-memory operations deliver on average 10x transactional, as well as 100x Data Warehousing performance gains.

Faster Insights

Speed up how you access, analyze, clean and shape data. Turn meaningless data into decision-making information.

Platform for Hybrid Cloud

Work with your data in a hybrid environment that spans on-premises to the cloud. Use any combination of both scenarios.

All Built-in

Use Integration Services, Reporting Services, Analysis Services, Data Quality Services, Master Data Services, etc.

Significant Cost Savings

SQL Server has a Total Cost of Ownership of 1/10 of Oracle. This gives you significant savings.

You are the champion!

You are at the center of attention. By meeting and possibly exceeding your expectations, you become a champion.