Oracle to SQL Server Migration Services

Save money and gain more insight by migrating from Oracle Databases to SQL Server

Oracle Migration Services

Standardizing on a reliable, secure and responsive data platform is an ongoing challenge at every organization. Data needs to be stored securely, retrieved as and when needed and whenever called into action, the data needs to be converted into meaningful business terms.

By migrating off Oracle databases onto SQL Server, many organizations have realized more value and saved money in the process.

Having compared the Total Cost of Ownership over 3 years between SQL Server and Oracle, we found that we would be saving at least 28%. The challenge was finding a vendor that is capable of performing the migration with efficiency. Sharper Software made it look simple.

Data Management Challenges

Today's challenges cannot be fixed with yesterday's solutions. In order to maintain a healthy data platform, IT faces a lot of challenges:

  • Data platform needs to be reliable, secure and have high availability and high performance natively.
  • Operational costs of maintaining a data platform are getting increasingly higher. Just taking into account the human power necessary for administration increases the cost by a significant ratio.
  • Data is meaningless without the ability to convert it into meaningful information. Today's data platforms are too technical for business users to make sense of.
  • With the Worldwide data boom, storage challenges are increasing in complexity. It is important to have a hybrid storage between on-premise and cloud.
  • IT budgets are decreasing while expecting more from IT. This makes things even more challenging for IT.

Our Oracle to SQL Server Migration Approach

Oracle Approach


Prior to making any commitments from any party, it is imperative that an evaluation of the current situation is performed. During this evaluation, Oracle databases are identified, in addition to their workload and responsible vendor.

Identify Candidates

It would not be possible to migrate each-and-every available Oracle database. During this step our team will work with you to identify the candidates for the migration. Eliminating the databases that are not possible to migrate is essential for the success of the migration process.

Proof of Concept

Our team will select one or more databases to perform a Proof of Concept (POC). During the POC, certain challenges that were not accounted for in the initial plan may be discovered. If these challenges are not show-stoppers, the required effort and time for the migration may be differed. Otherwise, the POC will prove that the migration is possible.

Compute Return on Investment (ROI)

Technically, the POC proves that the migration is possible. However, this does not mean that the migration would have a positive business impact, i.e. the savings outweigh the cost. During this step, our team will work with your team to prepare an ROI calculator that demonstrates the business value for the migration. This calculation takes into account the cost of the migration (hardware, software licenses and services charges), as well as the savings from decommissioning the Oracle instances. This tool helps your management make an informed decision about the migration.


Finally, it's time to perform the actual migration. Steps are carried out as per the plan and a document highlighting the actions taken during migration is delivered to your team.


Mission-Critical Performance

In-memory operations deliver on average 10x transactional, as well as 100x Data Warehousing performance gains.

Faster Insights

Speed up how you access, analyze, clean and shape data. Turn meaningless data into decision-making information.

Platform for Hybrid Cloud

Work with your data in a hybrid environment that spans on-premises to the cloud. Use any combination of both scenarios.

All Built-in

Use Integration Services, Reporting Services, Analysis Services, Data Quality Services, Master Data Services, etc.

Significant Cost Savings

SQL Server has a Total Cost of Ownership of 1/10 of Oracle. This gives you significant savings.

You are the champion!

You are at the center of attention. By meeting and possibly exceeding your expectations, you become a champion.

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