SharperSkills® SQL Server Training

Sharpen your Data & turn it into information with SharperSkills® SQL Training

SharperSkills SQL Server Training

Learn how to design powerful databases that withstand the ever-changing business imperatives. Turn meaningless data into meaningful information. This SharperSkills® offering trains your team on how to manage your data effectively with a customized training that suits your industry.

This hands-on training provides an end-to-end case study that helps attendees learn every aspect of SQL Server as a data platform.

Prior to taking the SharperSkills SQL Server Training, our team attended more than one training course with little effectiveness. Not only did this training improve our team's skills, it also helped our team use SQL Server's features and capabilities to solve business problems.

Data Management Challenges

Today we are experiencing an explosion in the size and type of data, ever-decreasing storage costs and ever-increasing need for information. The competitive edge that differentiates one company from another is usually measured by how much "Intelligence" it has about its customers, market, products, behaviors, etc.

Information Technology divisions in any company has many challenges:

  • How can we store very large data?
  • How can we retrieve the data as and when needed efficiently?
  • How can we differentiate between current data and historic data?
  • How can we ensure our data is available all the time?
  • How can we turn meaningless data into meaningful information?
  • All this while reducing costs.

The Microsoft Data Platform, consisting mainly of SQL Server (On premise) or SQL Azure (in the cloud) is Microsoft's answer to the above challenges. With its Relational Database Engine, SQL Server can serve data efficiently to concerned users. Using SQL Server Integration Services, you can transfer data to and from your database. Using Analysis Services and Reporting Services, it is possible to turn meaningless data into meaningful information.

SharperSkills® SQL Server Training Offering

This 5-day, Instructor-led training offering focuses on your industry's major data challenges and teaches attendees how to use SQL Server to address these challenges. You'll learn how to set properly design databases, effectively manage these databases, fine-tune the performance of the databases and turn the meaningless data into meaningful information.

Item Description
Duration 5 Days
Delivery Mechanism Instructor-led in a classroom with a PC for every attendee.
  • Database Administrators
  • Database Developers
  • Report Developers
  • An understanding of databases, normalization and the Structured Query Language (SQL)
  • Experience in database objects like Tables, Views, Stored Procedures, etc.
Technical Level Intermediate to Advanced

What will the attendees learn?

  1. Real-World example:
    1. We will pick a fictitious company that is in the same industry as your organization. This fictitious company will be used as a Case Study for the complete course.
    2. The Case Study company will be studied to understand its data challenges.
  2. Methodology and approach:
    1. Attendees will learn how to understand the business challenges and build a database.
    2. Attendees will build a database model using Visual Studio 2010's Database Application template. Entities will be created, alongside indexes, relationships, default values and constraints.
    3. SQL Server's data types will be introduced to the attendees. Attendees will learn the criteria that helps them decide which data type to use.
    4. Using Partitioning, attendees will learn how to effectively manage storage.
    5. SQL Server's High Availability options will be introduced. Attendees will learn the criteria for selecting which High Availability option is the right option for their business.
    6. By importing data from other sources, attendees will learn how to build their database in an efficient manner.
    7. Using Reporting Services, attendees will learn how to build predefined reports and then build Report Models that can be used to build ad-hoc reports using Report Builder.
    8. Attendees will understand the multiple sources of data available to the Case Study company. Then attendees will analyze this data using Analysis Services.
    9. Attendees will learn how to publish their reports so other users can benefit from them.


  • Windows Server
  • SQL Server (including Database Engine, Integration Services, Analysis Services, Reporting Services, Data Quality Services, Master Data Services, etc.)
  • Office Excel, Word and Visio
  • PowerPivot and PowerView

Training Material

Every trainee will get a Welcome Kit that includes:

  • USB Flash Disk including the necessary software and virtual machines used during the training.
  • Full-Color printed training manual.
  • An anonymous Feedback Form to collect personal feedback about the course and the performance of the instructor.
  • An attractive Certificate of Attendance.


Improved Skills

Your team's skills will improve, making them ready to take on new challenges and see them through.

More Practice Less Theory

Practice using the technology rather than going through boring theory. We use no slides, but rather a Virtual Machine.

Find Hidden Gems

Conventional training rarely covers all the features. Find hidden gems in the technology, helping you solve problems.

Problem Solving

Use knowledge you gained from this training to solve real-life business problems with technology.

Reusable Material

Provided Training Material can be used at home or at the office, making it a great reference when you need it.

Check Your Knowledge

At the end of each module, attendees have to answer "Check Your Knowledge" questions to solidify learnings.

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