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Send SMS Notifications using SharperReminders®


With so many things that bother human beings these days, it is easy to forget appointments or commitments. SharperReminders® sends a friendly short message reminder to your customers, partners, patients, employees, etc. to remind them of their important commitments. This helps increase customer loyalty and satisfaction and saves you the trouble of missing customer appointments.

SharperReminders® allows customizing the message format to your heart's desire using templates. These templates can be prepared in more than one language. Furthermore, the activity of sending the messages can be automated whenever a certain condition is met.

In Public Healthcare, it is a challenge to book appointments to patients and most of the time, radiology equipment is fully-booked. Many patients, however, would forget about their appointments, especially if the timespan between the time of the booking and the appointment itself is longer than a week. We needed a cost-effective way to remind our patients of their appointments. SharperReminders® made it simple for us to define the selection criteria, customize the message format and send notifications to our patients reminding them of their appointments.


SharperReminders® provides a lot of features and functionality. Here's a summary:

Feature Explanation
Support for Multiple Languages

Although the user interface is in English only, SMS notifications in English, Arabic, as well as any UNICODE language are supported.

Automated Procedures
  • Automatically fetches appointments from your systems based on a configurable schedule.
  • Supports most common data sources (text, relational database, etc.)
  • Automatically cleans mobile phone data and stores the incorrect ones for review.
  • When it's time to send the message, automatically formats the message and sends it.
Adaptability & Flexibility
  • Uses templates to define message formats by categorizing appointments
  • Templates include placeholders for date, time, day of week, etc. Add them with a click of a button.
  • Every appointment can be associated with a category and each category has its own schedule.
  • Ability to send messages based on any interval (e.g. 1 day prior, 5 days prior, etc.).



Capability Technology
Operating System
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2. We recommend Windows Server 2016.
  • Microsoft Windows 10 on the client.
Data Platform Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Standard Edition or later. We recommend SQL Server 2016 Enterprise.
Middle Tier Application Server + Web Services
  • WebAPI services written in .net
  • .Net Framework 4.6 or later.
Client Application
  • ASP.Net MVC Web Application
  • .Net Framework 4.6 or later

Improved Patient Experience

Patients appreciate the personalized messages they receive. Now patients expect more from the hospital.

Wider Coverage

SMS is widespread. Every subscriber to a mobile service automatically gets SMS. Furthermore, more than 80% read their messages.

SMS is Personalized

Patients feel privileged, as the message they receive is personalized to their needs and appointment details.

SharperReminders® Customers