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H. E. Organ Transplant Center


Founded in 1981, H. E. Organ Transplant Center (OTC) is dedicated to providing organ transplants to patients in the State of Kuwait. OTC utilizes its resources to serve both organ donors, as well as patients. Helping reduce the wait time for patients and encouraging people living in Kuwait to donate their organs in order to save other people's lives. OTC is a governmental center affiliated to the Kuwait Ministry of Health.

OTC has a proven track record of successful transplant operations. On average, OTC is performing more than 80 such operations every year. OTC's contribution since its establishment exceeds 2,150 successful transplant operations.

OTC is a winner of several regional accolades. The center also publishes medical research papers in international printed and online magazines.

Business Needs & Challenges

Like most public healthcare services, H. E. Organ Transplant Center is usually overbooked. In order to facilitate the flood of patients that require medical attention, the center opted to register patients for appointments. At the time of an appointment, patients would be served based on who's appointment is the earliest. This helped manage the expectations of the patients and improved the overall productivity of radiology staff.

Yet again, many patients would either arrive late, or completely forget about their appointment. Despite every effort to commit to the appointments schedule, some patients would tend to forget their appointment, especially if the timespan between booking and the actual appointment is longer than a week. The hospital needed a cost-effective way to remind its patients about their appointments early enough to help reduce this issue.

Characteristics of a viable solution

A viable solution should have the following capabilities:

  1. Deliver notifications via the very popular Short Message Service (SMS) to patients' mobiles.
  2. Automate the process of sending reminders. No manual labor should be needed.
  3. Allow changing the message template to suit the needs of the hospital.
  4. Provide ways to define one or more schedules for the delivery of messages.


H. E. Organ Transplant Center found that SharperReminders provides the necessary features to meet the requirements. The following features are made available:

  • Fetches appointments from the existing application automatically.
  • All users have to do is make sure the patient's mobile phone is registered.
  • Automatically cleans data and removes incorrect phone numbers..
  • Sends SMS reminders to all local telecommunications networks: Zain Ooredoo and Viva.
  • Templates can be configured to allow easy customization of messages by non-technical users.
  • Multiple schedules to send reminders.


Improved Patient Experience

Patients appreciate the personalized messages they receive. Now patients expect more from the hospital.

Wider Coverage

SMS is widespread. Every subscriber to a mobile service automatically gets SMS. Furthermore, more than 80% read their messages.

SMS is Personalized

Patients feel privileged, as the message they receive is personalized to their needs and appointment details.