DevOps Implementation Services

Streamline application development & deliver mission-critical software


Organizations that develop in-house software realize how challenging it is to deliver high-performance, reliable and mission-critical software while keeping an eye on time and budget. The more complex an application is, the harder it becomes to organize work between the development team members.

Modern applications require modern methods, processes and tools.

In our business, there are no off-the-shelf applications that meet our needs. Hence, we develop our own software. In the absence of an DevOps practice, our team was not able to deliver mission-critical solutions. Sharper Software helped us implement DevOps and increased the number and quality of applications we delivered.

DevOps Challenges

DevOps requires a solution that is capable of addressing the following needs:

  • Effectively capture the business challenges, objectives and requirements.
  • Efficiently distribute work among development team members.
  • Automate and/or manually test the applications with the ability to capture test results.
  • Track work in progress, bugs, issues, risks, requirements, etc.
  • Provide extensive reporting and insights on the progress of projects.
  • Manage software releases.

Our DevOps Implementation Approach

DevOps Approach

Skill Gap Analysis

Our team helps you understand how ready are you to adapt to DevOps practices. We start with your own team by assessing their skills and comparing this to other organizations and best practices. The outcome of this step is a Skills Gap Analysis Report.

Role Assignment

The Skills Gap Analysis Report is then used to recommend roles and responsibilities of your team members. You can decide to assign or reassign these roles as your business requires. At this stage, your team members will know their roles and responsibilities.

DevOps Process

There are several industry-standard DevOps Processes. Examples are: Waterfall, Agile, CMMI, SCRUM, etc. Yet again, these processes may not apply or may not be relevant to your organization. Our team will work with you to decide which one of these processes is the closest to your needs. If the chosen Methodology does not match your requirements, our team will work with you to design a custom methodology for your organization.

Azure DevOps Server Implementation

Our DevOps tools of choice are Visual Studio Enterprise for your team members and Visual Studio Team Foundation Server for the server side. Our team will work your resources to install and configure Azure DevOps on-premise. Furthermore, an DevOps Process Template will be developed based on the designed DevOps Process. Visual Studio Enterprise will be installed on every team member's computer and configured to connect to and use the services of Azure DevOps. At this stage, your team will have the necessary tools to practice DevOps.

SharperSkills® Azure DevOps Training

Your team will need to be trained on how to use the features and capabilities of Azure DevOps. We offer a hands-on, no-slides, practical training on Azure DevOps called SharperSkills® Azure DevOps Training. It's a 5-day, instructor-led training. This training uses a Virtual Machine equipped with all the software necessary to work on Azure DevOps. Every attendee of this training will get a copy of this virtual machine, as well as a full-color printed User's Manual.


Improved Processes

With tools that help you identify the weak areas of your business, you can improve your business processes.

Informed Decisions

Rather than relying on your intuition, use information you collected from the BI Platform to make informed decisions based on facts.

Competitive Advantage

Gain market share over your competition by better understanding your business. Develop customer-focused products and solutions.

Improved Planning

Use facts collected by your BI Platform to perform more accurate planning and performance management.

Business Alignment

By articulating your business objectives, goals and targets to concerned personnel, you align your resources better together.

New Insights

Find new information about your business. This information would never have surfaced in the absence of a BI Platform.

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