Cognitive Services

Use Artificial Intelligence in real-World scenarios

Cognitive Services

Building artificial intelligence solutions from the ground up is not a trivial task. It involves a lot of research, development, testing, modeling, and much more. Yet, in those scenarios where necessary, it is possible to revert to this approach to build an artificial intelligence-based solution.

To get a head start and utilize artificial intelligence solutions that have already been developed, tested and proven, you can rely on Sharper Software to provide solutions based on Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services. This comprehensive list of artificial intelligence technologies can be used in any possible combination to provide state-of-the-art solutions to critical business problems.

Sharper Software offerings in a nutshell:

  • Custom Software. Where required, Sharper Software can develop software applications to serve your needs
  • Professional Services. With a Portfolio of professional services offerings, Sharper Software delivers added value and finds solutions to your business challenges
  • SharperSkills Training. Hands-on, no slides, practical technology training on the Microsoft Technologies. Learn from our experts with practical examples
Sharper Software Offerings

In terms of Cognitive Services, here's what Sharper Software has to offer:

Data Sources
With Cognitive capabilities added to our own applications, our customer and employee satisfaction rates have reached a new peak.

Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services

Here's what Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services has to offer:

Category Technology Practical Use Description
Decision Anomaly Detector
  • Fraud Detection
  • Business Incidents
  • IoT Device Monitoring
  • Quick response systems
Find outliers and anomalies in your data early and prevent problems from disturbing your business. This works by analyzing any time-series data and automatically applying several algorithms to find the best fit model. Involve humans where applicable to review the decisions and make any necessary amendments.
Content Moderator
  • Detect offensive or unwanted images and/or videos
  • Filter inappropriate text
  • Adult content management
Reduce the headache of content moderation using artificial intelligence. Automatically control images and text that is marked as 'inappropriate' or that does not meet your country of operations rules and regulations, or those of not meeting your corporate values.
Personalizer Creating Personalized Experiences for every user in your applications. Create rich user experiences by providing automatically personalized content and experiences. Use artificial intelligence to learn from a user's usage patterns and provide best-fit content and experiences for your application without writing any line of code.
Language Immersive Reader
  • Support users with disabilities
  • Translation on-the-fly
Add text reading and comprehension capabilities to your applications. Automatically translate text to the user's preferred language and read the text aloud, while highlighting the text being read.
Language Understanding
  • Forms processing
  • Building chatbots
  • Content-flow solutions
Add natural language understanding capabilities to your applications. Let your application be ready to perform tasks that would otherwise require a dictionary and list of commands in a particular language for it to work. For instance, if a user types 'Turn the lights on', or 'Turn on the lights' or 'Let there be light' or any other combination, your application should understand that the user wants to turn the lights on and process the command accordingly.
QnA Maker Chatbot creation Create a bot in minutes by providing a question and answers conversation. Let your bot continuously learn from your data and answer user questions in natural language.
Text Analytics
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Key phrase extraction
  • Language detection
  • Named Entity Recognition
Your application can now detect sentiment, extract and analyze key phrases and identify named entities from text entered by a user.
Translator Text
  • Language detection
  • Transliteration
  • Translation
Add real-time text translation to your applications.
Speech Speech to Text Audio to text conversion Add audio to text conversion capabilities to your applications. Automatically, or manually train the model to improve its abilities.
Text to Speech Text to audio conversion Add the ability to convert text to speech to your applications and hear humans, not robots speak.
Speech Translation Real-Time speech translation Add the ability to translate speech on-the-fly to your applications and hear humans, not robots speak.
Speaker Recognition
  • Speaker identification
  • Biometric voice verification
Add the ability to identify the speaker to your applications. For additional security, you may use this technology to identify a person from her/his voice.
Vision Computer Vision Extracting information from images Add the ability to extract information from still images to your applications. Use this information as metadata in other applications.
Custom Vision Customized Computer Vision In case your application needs customized computer vision capabilities use this technology to create models in minutes.
Facial Recognition Analyze faces in images Add the ability to identify the presence of a face in images to your applications. Add security features that identify authorized personnel.
Form Recognizer
  • Invoice details extraction
  • Financial Report details extraction
Add the ability to detect the presence of forms to your applications. Extract metadata such as invoice details, financial report details, etc. and use that data in other applications.
Ink Recognizer
  • Handwriting Recognition
  • Ink data extraction
Add the ability to recognize handwriting to your applications. Extract metadata and use that data in other applications.
Video Indexer
  • Finding data in videos
  • Identifying the start of a video segment
Add the ability to extract advanced metadata from videos to your applications. Find videos where something of interest appears. Find the minute and second where an item of interest (person or object) appears in a video. Use this metadata in other applications.
Web Search Bing Autosuggest Provide suggestions to users as they type Provide intelligent suggestions to users as they type into your application.
Bing Custom Search Intelligent search for your own data Use this technology whenever you need to search for your own data and provide custom search results.
Bing Entity Search Find people, organizations, places, etc. Add the ability to search for people, places, organizations, things, etc. to your own applications.
Bing Image Search Search for images Add the ability to search for images to your own applications.
Bing Visual Search Search for images visually Add the ability to visually search for images to your own applications.
Bing Video Search Search for videos Add the ability to search for videos to your own applications.
Bing News Search Search for information in World News Add the ability to search for any information posted in Worldwide News to your own applications.
Bing Spell Check Spell checking for your applications Add the ability to correct spelling mistakes, recognize brand and celebrity names and identify slang to your own applications.
Bing Web Search Search for the whole web within your application Add the ability to search the whole web to your own applications.

Why Azure Cognitive Services?

Sharper Software offers Azure Cognitive Services as the platform of choice for the following reasons:

  • Real-Time Predictions: Azure Cognitive Services can make predictions very efficiently and near real-time.
  • Scalability: Using Azure Cognitive Services, we make sure that the solution scales according to your needs. This makes the solution cost-effective and lowers operational risks.
  • No set limits: Azure Cognitive Services does not impose any limits on the data that needs to be processed. This makes it possible to analyze patterns in more data and helps grow the platform as the business needs grow.
  • Many Cognitive Services Algorithms: Azure Cognitive Services provides a plethora of algorithms out-of-the-box. The sky is the limit when it comes to the possibilities this feature brings to your Cognitive Services needs.
  • Security & Privacy It is critical to keep your most important digital assets safe and secure while managing user access permissions and privileges.
  • Availability: we assist you in making the right choices in terms of availability of your data warehouse.


Performance and scale

Different Service Tiers to meet your levels of performance and scalability. Scale as your business grows.

Maximize Utilization

Elastic pools allow you to allocate performance resources to a pool rather than to an individual database.

Monitoring and alerting

Use tools and the performance ratings to quickly assess the impact of scaling up or down based on your current needs.

Phenomenal Reliability

Industry leading 99.99% availability, powered by a global network of Microsoft-managed datacenters.

Data Security

Advanced features to help secure your data, limit access, protect data privacy, and help you monitor activity.

Expert Advice

Our team of highly-skilled professionals will guide your team through every step of the process.