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Advanced Technology Company improves quality of patient data at a local health care services provider using SharperIntegration Smart Civil ID integration with its offerings.


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Advanced Technology Company, the leading distributer and marketer of state of the art health care products and services, serve nearly 1000 customers in the Kuwait region including dental practitioners and laboratories, physician practices and animal health practices, as well as government and other institutions. The Company is recognized for its excellent customer service and highly skilled employees. Financially, the company boasts $52 million in capital and total assets of around $100 million, making it sound and stable. ATC offer over 1000 products to customers both in public and private sectors focusing on and targeting "Laboratory Services, Medical Lab Furniture, Operating Room Solutions, Dental, Pharmaceutical & Agrivet, Diagnostic Imaging, Kitchen & Laundry, Information Solutions and Biomedical business areas "while specializing in turnkey projects and participating in international tenders. Established in 1981 with 12 employees the company was covering around 15% of the Kuwait medical sector, whereas today ATC fulfill the needs and requirements of 95% of the needs from hospital sundries to sophisticated equipment. Advanced Technology Company employs around 600 employees. The corporate headquarter is located in Salmiya, Kuwait and the company is listed under the Kuwait Stock Exchange since 2007.

Business Needs & Challenges

One of Advanced Technology Company (ATC) customers was finding it both time-consuming and error-prone to capture patient demographics. For the success of a Smart Healthcare solution to be successful, it is critical to have quality patient data. In the absence of such critical data, or having low-quality patient data, the quality of service gets impacted negatively. ATC realized this challenge early in the process of implementing their solution. There is, however, a paradox. Data Entry operations usually compromised the quality of patient data for speed. ATC were looking for ways to beat this paradox.

Characteristics of a viable solution

A viable solution needs to provide the following capabilities:

  1. Capture Patient Demographics as accurately and efficiently as possible, without forcing data entry clerks to enter too much detail.
  2. Make no compromises in terms of patient data quality.


Advanced Technology Company teamed with Sharper Software to provide Smart Civil ID reader for every receptionist. Sharper Software delivered a suitable reader and the accompanying software. All patient-facing data entry clerks have to do is insert a patient's Smart Civil ID into the reader and press a button on ATC's solution. The patient's demographics, including name in both English and Arabic, Sex, Date of Birth, Blood Group, Nationality, Address, etc. are all captured automatically off the Smart Civil ID and displayed on ATC's application. This saves the time required to have a no-compromise patient data accuracy. Since this information is maintained by the Public Authority for Civil Information, all such data is according to the official records.


Shorter Wait Times

Your customers, patients and/or employees will spend less time waiting for you to process their data.

Data Accuracy

Information is guaranteed to be correct and authoritative, as it's provided by the Public Authority for Civil Information.

Data Consistency

Data is consistent across your systems. If a centralized Master Data is used, it is possible to feed it via this solution.