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Derma Care Al-Salam Hospital, situated in Al-Messila Clinics wing beside Al-Salam International Hospital's main building, is indeed a center of excellence, providing an outstanding level of care and commitment with the latest developments in both traditional and aesthetic dermatology. Highly qualified and exceptionally experienced Physicians, Medical Aestheticians, Laser Technicians and Nursing Staff are always on hand to provide the very best treatment options; tailor-made for the individual needs of the patients.

As a patient, or spa client, you will find excellent facilities in luxurious surroundings. We aim to always be at the forefront of new innovation. Every effort has been made to ensure we always have the best and latest technology and knowledge required to produce outstanding results and patient satisfaction.

Derma Care sets itself apart from its competitors by providing a level of commitment to our business that will ensure you, as a customer, will not only return to us time and time again but will feel proud to visit us and promote our services to all your friends and family.

Derma Care Center has three sections incorporating a very comprehensive and advanced scope of services; a fully-equipped medical section dealing with traditional dermatology and medical laser treatments, a medical spa offering the latest aesthetical and beauty treatments and a VIP section especially for patients who are looking for exceptional privacy.

Business Needs & Challenges

Derma Care Al-Salam International Hospital was keeping hard-copies of its patient records. This implied that, for repeat patients, someone needed to store the patient's file in a storage area and retrieve it in time for review by the physician or doctor. This process was time-consuming, as finding these files required a visit to the storage area. It also required a growing storage area, as the number of patient records was growing with the business.

The clinic was also suffering from scheduling conflicts. Appointments marked for cancellation were not confirmed properly with the patient, or the same timeslot was booked for the same resource for more than 1 patient. This was causing a lot of issues in serving patients and was causing patient and employee dissatisfaction.

It is a time-consuming and error-prone process to collect patient demographics and hence, patient data quality was compromised for faster patient service.

The absence of audit trails of who made changes to patient data and to hold them accountable. This was causing mismanagement at the Clinic.

Characteristics of a viable solution

A viable solution should provide the following capabilities:

  1. Appointment Management. Users should be able to visually maintain schedules for each resource in an Outlook-like, columnar booking screen.
  2. Ability to monitor and limit changes. Changes to appointments should be limited to a specific list of users. Such changes should be monitored and audited for reporting and quality assurance purposes.
  3. Booking Conflict Resolution. Users should be alerted if a machine or resource is overbooked. In case there were conflicting appointments, it should be easy for a user to rearrange the appointments to resolve such conflicts.
  4. Cancellation Monitoring. It should be possible for a user to cancel an appointment. However, the system should be able to keep track of the patient who canceled the appointment, or failed to arrive on time.
  5. Patient Records. The solution should provide means to track patient records. In addition to the patient demographics, a Digital File should be maintained for every patient.
  6. Treatments and payments. The system should keep track of all treatments given to patients, the due amounts and payments made by each patient.
  7. Medications Inventory. Derma Care Clinic provides a set of products to augment the treatment of its patients. The proposed solution should provide ways to sell such products to patients, keep track of the inventory levels and alert users for replenishment.
  8. Alerts and notifications. The solution should provide alerts and notifications, preferably via SMS.
  9. Extensive Reports. The proposed solution shall provide, at minimum, the following set of reports, with the ability to add further reports as and when necessary.


Derma Care implemented SharperClinic Clinic Management solution and made it available for all its resources. The following capabilities are utilized at Derma Care Al-Salam International Hospital:

  1. Outlook-like Intuitive Appointment Management. Officers at Derma Care can now visually maintain appointments for each resource using an Outlook-like, columnar booking screen. Changing an appointment is as easy as a drag-and-drop, or a right-click.
  2. Role-based access to the system. Based on the privileges provided to a user, access to the system is only available to privileged users. Multiple users may access the system simultaneously, while the system updates every user's screen automatically with new appointments.
  3. Audit Trail. Changes to appointments are monitored and audited for reporting and quality assurance purposes.
  4. Booking Conflict Resolution. Users are alerted if a machine or resource is overbooked. In case there are conflicting appointments, a user may rearrange the appointments to resolve such conflicts.
  5. Cancellation Monitoring. While a user is able to cancel an appointment, the system keeps track of the patient who canceled the appointment, or failed to arrive on time.
  6. Patient Records. The solution provides means to track patient records. Using a patient's Smart Civil ID, it is possible to automatically capture patient demographics. It is also possible to scan the patient's Medical Records and attach them as Digital Files to a patient's record, making the process of file retrieval only a few clicks away.
  7. Treatments and payments. The system keeps track of all treatments given to patients, the due amounts and payments made by each patient.
  8. Medications Inventory. The system solution should provides ways to sell medications to patients, keeps track of the inventory levels and alerts users for replenishment.
  9. Alerts and notifications. The system provides alerts and notifications, via SMS, for Patient Reminders.
  10. Extensive Reports. The system provides and extensive set of reports that help improve the business


Shorter Wait Times

Your customers, patients and/or employees will spend less time waiting for you to process their data.

Data Accuracy

Information is guaranteed to be correct and authoritative, as it's provided by the Public Authority for Civil Information.

Data Consistency

Data is consistent across your systems. If a centralized Master Data is used, it is possible to feed it via this solution.