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Taly.io allows clients to buy on credit from the comfort of their seats using the Mobile ID Integration.


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Taly.io provides the ability for consumers to purchase items using credit that complies with the Islamic Sharia. A fully-online business, Taly.io has no physical branches and conducts all its business online. Identifying the credentials of a potential client is critical for its business

Business Needs & Challenges

To provide the required Financial Services, Taly.io needs to register the details of every client. It is imperative to collect the name, phone, date of birth, nationality, area of residence and many more fields into the existing system. Although a one-time activity, this process is error-prone and time-consuming, not to mention that an inaccurate identification of a client may lead to legal and economic implications.

Credentials used by patients

Clients who visit Taly.io's website can use their Mobile ID (Hawyti) mobile app for authentication.

Characteristics of a viable solution

Taly.io needs a solution that should have the following characteristics:

  1. When a client arrives at its website requesting a service, s/he presents her/his Mobile ID (Hawyti) app using either the Push Notification service (by entering her/his Civil ID into a box), or scanning a QR Code displayed on the screen using the Mobile ID (Hawyti) app.
  2. When the client receives the authorization request, s/he can review the request and reject or accept it.
  3. Only when the client approves the authentication request will Taly.io receive the Civil Information of the client.


Taly.io decided to team-up with Sharper Software to develop a solution that could address the aforementioned challenges.

Mobile ID (Hawyti) Integration makes it possible for Taly's clients to apply for a credit purchase from the comfort of their seats.


Shorter Wait Times

Your customers, patients and/or employees will spend less time waiting for you to process their data.

Data Accuracy

Information is guaranteed to be correct and authoritative, as it's provided by the Public Authority for Civil Information.

Data Consistency

Data is consistent across your systems. If a centralized Master Data is used, it is possible to feed it via this solution.